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The African Student Community in Uppsala – ASCU is a non government organisation. The ASCU was created the 29 august 1995 in Uppsala. While its statutes were adopted in august the 30th, 1995 its official registration intervened the 27 October the same year. Muela Nkongolo Ngalamulume was the initiator of the ASCU who died unfortunately the 5 February 2010.

The founding members together with Muela were: Liambi, Oseo and Tallaki. Of all members, that were students at that time, Muela remained the person who were permanently working with the organisation. 

The organisation was originally called United Africans Association. This name was changed in 1999 to the currently African Student Community in Uppsala, ASCU. Although the organisation was open to all, the name was changed in order to allow a bigger number of people to join the ASCU. But with the arrival of new members, suggestions were again made to change the name of the organisation (2005) to Uppsala Africa Union. This justified by the same reasons as six years ago, but this name is not in use partly because of administrative reasons. Since the 30 October 2010 the ASCU is lead by our new chairman Bitota Mudibu Sparf.










The name of the Organisation is African Student Community in Uppsala (ASCU).

ASCU: is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious, apolitical voluntary organization.

ASCU is based in Uppsala, Sweden and collaborates closely with organizations in Sweden shall in around Uppsala and in Africa.

ASCU’s business and membership run yearly from October 1st to September 30th






  1. To constitute a social, cultural, academic and solidarity forum for ASCU members
  2. To promote interest in and research on Africa and matters concerning African students in Sweden.
  3. To work towards the promotion and coverage of union members interests, and the improvement of their situation.
  4. To initiate, support efforts regarding democracy, socio-economic development and human rights promotion in Africa, and in Sweden.
  5. Work as a bridge for the integration of ASCU members into the Swedish society.
  6. To encourage, promote and organize sports, cultural and recreational activities of the Association.






Full membership

All students, non-students and anyone at the age of 18 and above who are willing and committed to achieve ASCU objectives have the right to become members. A member must submit a written application form, stand for ASCU code of conduct and pay annual membership fees.

In order to be eligible to vote the membership fee must be paid at the latest on the day of the Annual meeting (3rd week in October). Only full members are eligible for voting and election.


Associate membership

Shall be open to any person under the age of 18 with an interest in ASCU purpose and objectives


Honorary membership

May be conferred to persons in recognition of meritorious work in the support of the purpose or objectives of ASCU.

Honorary members are nominated by the executive committee and must be approved by at least 2/3 of full members participating in physical and electronic voting. Only one person may be awarded honorary membership every year.


Termination of Membership

By decision and written notification from the executive committee membership ends upon any of the following:

  1. Failure to pay membership fees for two years
  2. Breach of the codes of conduct of ASCU
  3. Own request for resignation
  4. After written and justified request by others.


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C/O Bitota
Jenny Linds Väg 84

756 50 Uppsala

Org. 817603-4273

Bank account:8381-6/983332554-2 

Contact person:
Brigitte Tshibangu

073-7740531 or 073-6275517(ord)